Do I need a guide in my trip?

September 6, 2016

Do I need a guide in my trip?

“Do I need a guide in my trip?” The short answer is “Yes, you need a guide in your trip” You need a guide if you want to get the most from your time in Egypt.

If you are staying in Egypt for a month and have lots of time to go exploring then you will probably find your way around but you will also need lots of information, time, energy, heat tolerance and patience.

I definitely recommend you take a guide to  the Great Pyramids of Giza , the Aswan and Luxor for the history “is even more of an archaeological paradise ” and coastal resorts of Hurghada

  • Distance to various sites, “am I ever going to get there?” and “I’m not even sure if we’re going in the right direction anyway!”
  • Not knowing how much you should be paying the taxi
  • Uncertainty about where to find what you want to see when you get there
  • lack of up to date public information as to what is open and closed on a given day or time.

That way you travel in comfort, arrive fresh at the places of interest, have energy to spend exploring the sites themselves, and stand a better chance of continuing your journey satisfied and relaxed

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    How much for the trip with deaf tour and how many people in one group


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